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Tailed Beast Tails: Prologue
The Tailed Beasts.
All know of them; nine monstrous constructs of chakra-demons, some call them-that have existed since before the rise of the five ninja villages. Their might is feared, their ferociousness dreaded…for in the wake of their rampages, they have left swathes of destruction, entire villages and settlements leveled to the ground. Countless lives, lost before their wrath…and those who survive have told tales of their might.
The One-Tail, Shukaku, demon tanuki of the desert, whose bloodlust knows little equal.
The Two-Tailed Demon Cat, a being of flame and ferocity.
The Three-Tailed turtle, which has dragged many a merchant ship to a watery grave.
The Four-Tailed ape, its Lava Release burning whatever it touched to cinders.
The Five-Tailed horse, swift-hooved dweller of the deep forests.
The Six-Tailed slug, whose acidic secretions leave nothing, not even bones and rubble, behind.
The Seven-Tailed rhinoceros beetle, whose mighty shadow upon the ground is the last
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Bad Luck Getup: Chapter 1
Naruto grumbled as he stood outside the dressing room door, arms folded. “Oi, Kiba!” Naruto shouted, turning his head toward the door. “How much longer are ya gonna be?”
There was a shuffling of fabric from within the door, followed by a thoughtful grunt. “Eh, nah, that ain’t gonna work…” another young boy’s voice muttered from within, followed by more shuffling fabric. Louder, the voice addressed Naruto. “Just gimme a second…”
Naruto rolled his eyes. “A second? Kiba, by the time you’re done, it’s gonna be dark out!”
Kiba’s voice sputtered slightly. “Dark out—Naruto, it’s the freakin’ afternoon! You really think it’s gonna get dark anytime soon?”
Naruto glared at the door, his voice rising. “Well, the rate you’re going…I’d say probably, yeah!” Kiba growled in response, which quickly turned into a frustrated groan and mor
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Lil' Stuffers: Epilogue
The boys stayed slumped back in their chairs for a few minutes, groaning and rubbing their overstuffed bellies. They barely even noticed the waiter coming by, wide-eyed as he left the massive check on the table. Without even bothering to look at the check, they both rummaged around in their back pockets, found their wallets, and plunked a huge wad of cash on the table each. That would probably cover it…
Looking up from his prone position on the floor, Akamaru wagged his tail. Wow, hope they have enough left to get their clothes fixed… He burped lightly, causing his stomach to shake. He whined in a low tone. Oh man… I need a tummy rub so bad right now…
Eventually, after a few minutes had lapsed, Naruto lifted his head up, looking across the table at Kiba. “Hey, Kiba, my tummy doesn’t feel so bad right now; ya wanna get going?”
Lifting his own head, Kiba burped before he replied, “Yeah, let’s go.” He yawned sud
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Lil' Stuffers: Chapter 6
Kiba and Naruto didn’t waste any time; as soon as the waiter had finished clearing their many empty plates and loading their table up with the new treats, their hands reached out, grabbing whatever was within reach and taking huge bites of their targets, or, in some cases, simply shoving the whole thing in their mouths and chewing vigorously until they could swallow it.
“Oh man!” Naruto exclaimed through a mouthful of blueberry muffin. “These are really really warm and moist?” He swallowed, seizing a cinnamon roll and taking a huge bite of it. “Are these fresh-baked?” He polished it off in a few more bites, grabbing a chocolate cupcake as soon as he was done and cramming it into his mouth.
Kiba, several chocolate-chip cookies in one hand, took a bite of several of them at once, grinning goofily as the cookie and the chips practically melted in his mouth. “They sure taste like it!” Shoving the rest of his cookies in his mouth, he che
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Lil' Stuffers: Chapter 5
Kiba gaped at the steaming bowl that had been set before him. “Wow, Naruto, you weren’t kidding about the size of these things…”
Giggling, the blonde grabbed his chopsticks and split them in two. “I know, right?” He looked down at his own bowl, licking his lips in anticipation.
Akamaru, sitting on the floor beside Kiba’s seat, simply looked at the bowls with resignation. Oh, I know, Naruto; I know…
The two boys were currently seated at a large table at the new restaurant, which, unlike Ichiraku’s, was entirely indoors.  Also, as opposed to Ichiraku’s stools, they were both seated in regular chairs. And, Akamaru noted as he glanced around, this wasn’t just a ramen place; though many of the customers did indeed have their own bowls of ramen, just as many had salads, or meat, or some other dish.
Luckily (or un-luckily, Akamaru whined to himself), Naruto and Kiba only had eyes for their own bowls of ramen set
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Lil' Stuffers: Chapter 4
Rolling, tumbling, and a lot of scraping: that was all Naruto was aware of in the seconds following his collision with Akamaru. Well, that, and flashes of green and white…
…followed a sudden, screeching halt against something furry, and the feeling that he was lying against something.
All three cries rang out as their rapid, tumbling motion suddenly ceased, and a loud, splintering CRASH tore through the air.
Akamaru whined, slowly collecting himself. Ugh… he whimpered, trying to make sense of his surroundings. What did I crash in to? His vision swam before his eyes, and he was too addled to think to use his noise to try to find out what happened, so he instead took notice of certain things he was feeling.
First, there was something fairly small but still substantial resting against his lower body. Second, his back was resting against something firm and…splinter-y. Not to mentio
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Naruto: Bean Jam Bun Overload by HunterWolfTraveler Naruto: Bean Jam Bun Overload :iconhunterwolftraveler:HunterWolfTraveler 75 48
Lil' Stuffers: Chapter 3
“Mmm,” Naruto sighed as he walked through Konoha’s streets on his way to the training grounds, hands in his pockets and his head tilted up. “Man, I picked a great day to train! Sun’s out, weather’s nice, streets aren’t too crowded...” He grinned, taking his hands out of his pockets and folding them behind his head as he continued walking. I mean, it still sucks that I’m stuck like this, but really, why be grumpy on such a nice day?
He continued walking for a few minutes, sighing happily as the beams of sunlight hit his face. “Ah, yeah, that feels nice… So warm…heehee…”
His eyes flew open. Wait a minute…. Did I just giggle?
Giggling was nothing new to him, of course; he’d done it often while playing pranks, and even during many of his eating competitions with Kiba. Those times, though, he had giggled simply because of his victims’ reaction to the prank, or at the feeli
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Gyrozetter Guts 3 by HunterWolfTraveler Gyrozetter Guts 3 :iconhunterwolftraveler:HunterWolfTraveler 56 13 Gyrozetter Guts 2 by HunterWolfTraveler Gyrozetter Guts 2 :iconhunterwolftraveler:HunterWolfTraveler 106 17 Gyrozetter Guts 1 by HunterWolfTraveler Gyrozetter Guts 1 :iconhunterwolftraveler:HunterWolfTraveler 148 18
The Big Good Wolf: Part 1
The Big Good Wolf
"Mmm…wha?" In the middle of a dense forest, a pair of pointed, brown-furred ears twitched, their previously sleeping owner stirring to wakefulness. "Whazzat sound?" The speaker moved to get up, but a sharp pain in his back caused him to cringe, his body arched. "Damn… musta slept funny." He tried getting up again, and the pain returned, a bit sharper this time. He winced. Yup, definitely slept funny. The speaker took a deep breath. Alright, no big deal. All I gotta do is twist my back like this and… as he finished that thought, he maneuvered his body to the side, contorting it in an odd way. Alright, gonna twist in one…two…
"GAAAAAHH!"  Ignoring the numerous small animals and birds that had been startled by his yelp of pain, the sleeper dropped to the ground and began rolling about, whimpering. "Geez, hurts like a…owwww!"
For the next minute or so, the speaker continued his senseless rolling an
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Konoha Barbecue Wars Chapter 6
Akamaru growled quietly as he felt Kiba's belly once again bump into him; that was the third time since they'd left that last restaurant. Shrugging off the overstuffed sphere (and causing it to jiggle slightly in the process,) he growled again, continuing to walk beside his partner. This time, the growl was loud enough for Kiba to hear, and he turned his head to his friend. "Ah, crap; did my gut bump into you again, Akamaru?" At Akamaru's affirmative growl, the Inuzuka chuckled apologetically, ruffling the dog's head. "Sorry about that, boy; this thing has a mind of its own!" To emphasize, he grabbed what he could of his massive midsection and lifted it up, holding it like that for a few seconds before letting it drop back down, laughing as it bounced and jiggled with the movement. "See what I mean?"
Akamaru barked humorlessly. Considering that it's almost big enough to fit a human baby in there, you might not be too far off. His ears perked up suddenly as both he and Kib
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Lil' Stuffers: Chapter 2
This is all Kiba's fault.
This was the thought that ran through Naruto's mind as he stood in front of his bathroom mirror that very morning. Standing on a chair to give himself more height, he stared sourly at his reflection, which showed, for what had to be the millionth time in the past week alone,  a small, blonde, blue-eyed boy no more than 8 years old, arms folded and lips pushed out in a petulant pout. Clad in a pair of the smallest pajamas Tsunade could find (which were still one size too big), he looked away, grumbling to himself.
It had all started a few weeks ago: him, the rest of his team, and Kiba ("He hasn't had a mission in a while; it might help him burn off some stress", Tsunade had explained to the shocked Naruto) had been deployed to some backwater village somewhere within the Land of Fire. According to the Hokage, they'd received disturbing reports that a small group of nukenin had gotten their hands on an obscure but decidedly nasty brand of
:iconhunterwolftraveler:HunterWolfTraveler 26 13
Lil' Stuffers: Chapter 1
Akamaru whimpered, nudging Kiba's side. C'mon, Kiba, cheer up; it's not that bad.
Kiba snorted, folding his arms. "Not that bad? Akamaru, have you even looked at me?" He frowned, an uncharacteristic pout forming on his face. "Man, outta all the things that coulda happened, it had to be this!" He lifted his head, gazing irritably across the training grounds.
Akamaru groaned inwardly; he'd been like this for the past few weeks now.
Look, Kiba, Akamaru began, gently nudging his partner's side. I know this hasn't exactly been easy for you…
"You can say that again," Kiba huffed, drawing his legs up to his chest and wrapping his arms around them.
…but really, you could be a lot worse off, Akamaru continued, unperturbed by Kiba's grousing. I mean, you coulda been maimed, blown up, scarred… trust me, I think you got off pretty easy.
Kiba sighed, tilting his head back and looking up at the sky; it was clear and blue, with not even the tiniest cl
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Riku: Tummy Massage by HunterWolfTraveler Riku: Tummy Massage :iconhunterwolftraveler:HunterWolfTraveler 116 20


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Tummy Hugs :iconnoctonommer:NoctoNommer 24 24
A wolf's thanksgiving by Stuffed-And-Slimy
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A wolf's thanksgiving :iconstuffed-and-slimy:Stuffed-And-Slimy 146 11
Bijuu brothers- Kurama and Shukaku by misty109 Bijuu brothers- Kurama and Shukaku :iconmisty109:misty109 38 7 Lil Stuffers Illustration - Part 5 by Mothman64 Lil Stuffers Illustration - Part 5 :iconmothman64:Mothman64 68 6 Lil Stuffers Illustration - Part 4 by Mothman64 Lil Stuffers Illustration - Part 4 :iconmothman64:Mothman64 82 8 Naruto Fanart - Baby Kurama by ArashiTerra Naruto Fanart - Baby Kurama :iconarashiterra:ArashiTerra 9 3 Perfect pie! by Stuffed-And-Slimy Perfect pie! :iconstuffed-and-slimy:Stuffed-And-Slimy 205 2


Hey-o! Just letting you all know I've changed both my username and my tagline. Don't worry, there's still gonna be plenty of stuffing material from me. However, if you can believe it, I intend on establishing an actual continuity and canon (blame the MCU for that one), and things will gradually segue away from the stuffing into a more serious narrative. Stay tuned!
Feb 7, 2017
:iconhunterwolftraveler:HunterWolfTraveler has changed their username (formerly AnimeBellyFan)
There exists a race of creatures known as the Cani, which have inhabited the Earth almost as long as humanity itself has. They are, quite simply, anthropomorphic canines, just as varied in appearance, nature, and breed as their four-legged counterparts. No one knows how they came to be, and those with any knowledge of them will only say that no experimentation, no alien visitation, no flukes of nature were involved; the Earth is just as much their home as it is humanity's.

Like their four-legged counterparts, the Cani come in all shapes, sizes, and breeds. Some appear as domesticated canines, such as labradors and huskies. Others, however, possess the aspect of wild canines: foxes, dholes, wolves, and everything in-between. It is to this latter category that Hunter belongs.

An anthropomorphic wolf, Hunter was born deep within one of the remaining natural forests of North America to the mated wolf pair Sage and Garwood (Gar to his friends and family). Growing up, Hunter had never wanted for anything: his parents had always been able to procure enough food to keep them from going hungry, and had provided him with all the love and caring that a growing pup needed. In fact, he remains very close to his parents even as an adult.

Always an adventurous, curious pup, Hunter took every opportunity he had to explore their home; sniffing around the spacious "den"-more like an underground home-his parents had hollowed out, exploring the forests surrounding it, and investigating every little odd sound and sight he absorbed...for Hunter, there was always something new to discover, some new wonder to take in. Then, when he was about eight years old, Hunter had an experience that would, in many ways, shape his life to come.

After turning eighteen and leaving to make his home elsewhere in the forest, Hunter began venturing out to explore the humans’ side of things. This was considered unusual, at the time: while the majority of the Cani were by no means misanthropic or xenophobic-indeed, Hunter’s own parents often did business of sorts with hikers and curious humans alike, trading medicinal blends of plants, uniquely-prepared meats, and directions in exchange for clothing, human technology, and even several pairs of glasses for Hunter over the years-the Cani tended to nonetheless keep their own existence a secret. It was, after all, the only reason they remained a thriving population following the worst periods of paranoia and fear in humanity’s history.

Fortunately for Hunter, humans, especially those living in the largest cities, were quite accustomed to odd things, and simply made him out to be an unusual individual wearing a shockingly realistic wolf outfit (for those who got close enough to tell that he was decidedly NOT wearing a costume, they often convinced themselves they were seeing things). As such, Hunter was able to frequent many of the places people did: he ate in their restaurants, bought himself new clothes and gadgets in their stores, and used their various forms of public transportation. It wasn’t long before Hunter found himself just as comfortable amongst humans as he did his own kind.

However, as comfortable and happy as Hunter was with his world and family, the knowledge he’d gleaned from his puphood encounter-the knowledge that his was far from the only world or dimension in existence-constantly niggled at him. Incidentally, around the time of his nineteenth birthday, that very same entity appeared before him. It had, apparently, decided that Hunter was now ready to start exploring these other dimensions. To this end, it provided him with a few tools-some from other worlds, others of its own creation-that would allow him to take his first steps into these new worlds.

It wasn’t easy, at first: initially, he couldn’t control where he ended up, and plunged into some less-than-hospitable environments as a result. In addition, Hunter wrestled with homesickness during his early travels, and more than once, he made a less-than-stellar first impression on some of the natives…and sometimes, some of these natives actively sought to kill him (to this day, Hunter can’t so much as look at a picture of a Xenomorph without breaking into a cold sweat.)

However, over time, Hunter managed to find his way into worlds that were less and less inhospitable, and eventually, downright inhabitable. He traveled through and stayed in all manner of wondrous places, from sprawling mountains filled with treasure and a city populated with anthropomorphic animals not unlike himself to self-sufficient cities traveling amongst the stars. He also made the acquaintance of a great many individuals, and due to his affable nature, befriended a several of them. As a result, he’s found himself making small talk with psychic beings of great power and laughing with beings that could control the very fabric of space itself-such as the initial being that had introduced him to all this-, to say nothing of the various creatures of all shapes and sizes he’s come to know. In the space of six years, Hunter was an experienced dimension-hopper: he knew all the best places to go to have fun, how to keep himself safe, and how to break the ice with the natives without offending anybody. He also accumulated several objects and items from several of these worlds, which he uses for everything from self-defense to sheer entertainment.

In spite of this, Hunter made sure he never spent more time in other worlds than he did in his own; after all, it was the world where he was born, and where those he loved the most resided. And besides, it held its own share of wonders, many of which dwelt just below the surface of normalcy. As he’ll gladly boast, he’s taken selfies with the likes of great serpents dwelling within lakes, broken bread  with large, hairy, humanoid creatures even more reclusive than his own kind, and has even befriended the creature that some know as the “Devil of the Pines”.

Now, at the age of twenty-five, Hunter’s curiosity and eagerness to discover new places and meet new faces has only increased. At the same time, his love for his own world has grown stronger, and has called upon several of his friends and acquaintances to ensure that it is protected from inter-dimensional excursions by those who would do it harm. By that same token, he has met a great many heroes, as well as several that he has learned to fear. In fact, one would think there was very little Hunter had not seen. But he knows better: he has only explored a fraction of the multiverse, and he both anticipates and dreads the day he finds something he is unfamiliar with and doesn’t know how to handle….

Hunter is a slim, fairly fit anthropomorphic wolf of about twenty-four (Cani age as humans do), with brown fur and eyes to match. Though he does not need to, as his fur conceals the more…questionable areas of his anatomy, he often wears clothes, usually a tank top and shorts. However, he sometimes opts to wear other ensembles, which include jeans, short-sleeved and button-down shirts, and really, any sort of clothing that strikes his fancy. Whether wearing clothes or not, Hunter wears glasses; from the time he was a pup, he’d been nearsighted, and by his own admission, he’s blind as a bat without them.

As a result of his upbringing, Hunter is a friendly, good-humored, approachable, and fun-loving individual, who is always eager to make new friends. However, he is also, again by his own admission, more than a bit unusual. He often revels in the bizarre situations he finds himself in, gets excited about silly things, and is overall a big goof. And, when listening to music he likes, well…he can get rather animated.

However, the oddest part of his personality is the enjoyment he gets from watching others-mainly in some of the worlds he’s visited-stuff themselves, to the point their stomachs swell and their clothes break…and he greatly enjoys it doing it to himself, too. The fact that he has a large appetite, an active metabolism, and an eventful lifestyle allows him to do this fairly frequently and still maintain his slim physique. He has often purchased a great quantity of food, lugged it back to his forest home, and ate every last bite, resulting in him lying on his back with a deliriously happy expression and stomach the size of a beach ball. That is, of course, to say nothing of some of the things he’s gotten up to in some of the worlds he’s visited…

In spite of these oddities, Hunter has a large, caring heart, and has sometimes been described as a bleeding heart by both his friends and others far less friendly. If he sees someone or something, even a group, that is suffering, he will often call on some of his friends to assist them. He cares greatly for those he befriends, and is fiercely protective of them. If any of them are distressed, he won’t hesitate to give them a hug or a words of comfort if he thinks it would help (that, and he’s a self-described sap.) He also has a tendency to devolve into a babbling puddle of mush when he sees something he finds adorable….

However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. As is sometimes the case with those like him, Hunter rarely gets angry, but when he does…well, he’s quick to remind those who draw his ire that nice wolf or not, he’s still a six-foot-tall apex predator capable of crushing their throats with his bite pressure and teeth alone. And, when he gets really riled up, he can occasionally do some rather rash things, including but not limited to running his muzzle at individuals he REALLY shouldn’t be (to be fair, he often realizes how horrible an idea it was shortly after it leaves his mouth….) And, while he wouldn’t call himself a prude by any stretch of the imagination, he has a tendency to swear harshly when overly upset or frightened.
Hunter: Wolf Cani and Dimension Hopper
Hi! :) I know it's been ages since I posted this, but I wanted to go back and give this bad boy an overhaul.

Through various RPs and stories over the years, Hunter has evolved from my fursona to something more. True, there are still traits of myself in him, but he has, overall, become his own character. Over the course of these RPs and stories, his personality, likes, dislikes, and backstory have become fleshed out, far beyond simply being an exaggerated version of myself. In addition, I plan on featuring him in several of my upcoming stories, not all of which are stuffing, and I'd like to firmly establish his overhauled character before then.

So, without further ado, I give you Hunter's revamped bio; enjoy!


United States
Current Residence: The vortex of insanity and randomness that is my mind
Favourite genre of music: Fairy Tail openings and movie soundtracks
Operating System: Depends
Favourite cartoon character: Nick Wilde
Personal Quote: "It's called a hustle, sweetheart." (Nick Wilde)
Hey, everybody. :) I just wanted to let ya know: :iconewadlo: is offering commissions on his page. There's more information here, but they're quite reasonably priced; granted, they can get a bit pricey depending on what you ask for and what kind of art you'd like, but they're more than worth it. They're very high quality, very well-drawn, and definitely worth your money. I've already commissioned a couple of pictures from him; if you'd like to see them, lemme know and I'll note you them.

Also, he's very professional and amiable, and quite easy to work with, so the process is actually quite enjoyable. To sum it all up, if ya have the funds to spare, just check out his commission page, note him what you'd like, and enjoy!
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  • Reading: Fall of Eldvar: Sunset of Lantonne
  • Watching: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug


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